Where are we?

Can we bring order out of Chaos?

The adventurers were on the way to an island in the sea just off the coast of what was their home.
They notice a strange green fog roll in as they were about to get to see the island up close.
Then the waves struck, the Captain of the ship and the crew tried everything to keep the ship upright and out of the shoals that seemed to appear out of nowhere.
there was rending sounds as the sea water bashed the ship about, men screaming in pain and the Captain looking crazy as he laughs and leaps over the port side attacking an immense sea monster with nothing other than his hook hand and a dagger in the other hand, Screaming as he does " hang on lads right the ship and sail fast!’
No sooner has he hit the creature as there was a flash and the ship heaved out of the sea some 50 yards hitting the reef with a crash throwing people into the sea.
Some survived to find their senses as they gasp to shore, others holding pieces of the ship wash up half drowned onto the shore.
Where do they go from here? This looks nothing like home. not even the stars or the moon and the sun is setting over the horizon with a greenish tinge.
That is what we will find from those that survived.. all 12 of them.
Will they all survive, Are they the heroes they think they are?
off to the North there is a small bit of smoke, does it bode well or not?
There is pieces of the ship still busting apart on the reef. Night is coming. What do the heroes do?


During salvage found a scabbarded Katana. +1 to Fighting and Damage. Also a pouch with 90g.

Where are we?

one sailor fell from the cliff and expired.

Where are we?
KeithBailey KeithBailey

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